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Honoring Our Past & Present

The USA Volleyball Hall of Fame honors players, coaches officials and other leaders in the sport.

Every year, volleyball legends and stars of the sport are inducted into the Hall of Fame as presented at the Dorothy C. Boyce Banquet

This year, USA Volleyball will celebrate some of the sports greatest athletes, coaches, officials and leaders on May 22 at the Hilton Polaris in Columbus, Ohio.

Among the honorees for 2024 will be Kathy DeBoer and the late Carl McGown, who will both receive the Harold T. Friermood “Frier” Lifetime Achievement Award. Purchase tickets and explore sponsorship opportunities.

The Frier Award is considered USA Volleyball’s highest honor. DeBoer and McGown will be the 55rd and 56th honorees. 

Kathy DeBoer Hall of Fame

Carl McGown Hall of Fame

2020 Hall of Fame

We were unable to gather in 2020 for the 75th Annual USA Volleyball Hall of Fame presented at the Dorothy C. Boyce Banquet, but take a look back at the 2020 Hall of Fame digital experience and learn more about the inductees.

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List ofAwards

2023 Hall of Fame

  • Scott Fortune and Elroy Osorio, Harold T. Friermood "Frier" Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Joe Williams, George J. Fisher Leader in Volleyball

  • Bob Price (OVR), Dr. Neville A. "Doc" Booth Commissioner's Award

  • Bill Neville, James E. Coleman National Team Award

  • Lynne Updegraff, Nancy S. Sharpless Scorer Emeritus Award

  • Pati Rolf, Harry E. Wilson International Service Award

  • Jerritt Elliott, All-Time Great Coach Award

  • Ryan Millar and Clay Stanley, All-Time Great Male Indoor Athlete

  • LIane Sato and Logan Tom, All-Time Great Female Indoor Athlete

  • Kari (Miller) Ortiz, All-Time Great Female Sitting Athlete

  • Edgar Laforest, All-Time Great Male Sitting Athlete

  • Elaine Youngs, All-Time Great Female Beach Athlete

  • Todd Rogers, All-Time Great Male Beach Athlete

  • Verna Klubnikin and Dan Apol Wilbur H. "Wil" Peck Referee Emeritus Awards

2023 Annual Awards

  • Jason Butch, Rebecca B. Howard Diversity & Inclusion Award

  • Kara Kessans, Jonathan Reeser Sport Science Award

  • Kellen Larsen, Junior Male Athlete of the Year

  • Avery Jackson, Junior Female Athlete of the Year

  • Alexi Keating, Indoor Junior Club Director of the Year

  • Patty Dodd, Beach Junior Club Director of the Year

  • Keith Murlless, Junior Club Service Award

  • Danie Remmick, Junior Club Service Award

  • Jim Miret, Junior Girls Indoor Coach of the Year

  • Brian Hogg Jr., Junior Boys Indoor Coach of the Year

  • Antonio Gaetan, Junior Boys Indoor Coach of the Year

  • Nicole Christner, Junior Girls Beach Coach of the Year

  • Joe Campbell, Glen G. Davies Referee Service Award

  • Becky J Brockney, Edward P. Lauten Scorer's Service Award

  • Alexis Sheldon, Referee of the Year

  • Emily Lett, Scorer of the Year

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