Named in honor of Dr. Neville A. “Doc” Booth, the first USA Volleyball commissioner of regions and former commissioner of Region 1, now known as the New England Regional Volleyball Association.

COMMISSION: This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to volleyball and USA Volleyball through the office of regional commissioner and/or as vice president of the Regional Operations Division and/or chair of the Regional Volleyball Association Assembly.


CRITERIA: Contributed a minimum of five (5) years of outstanding service to a Regional Volleyball Association, either as commissioner or as an active member, not necessarily as a commissioner; Served as a regional commissioner and/or vice president, Regional Operations Division, and/or chair of the Regional Assembly, for a minimum of five (5) years. The years need not be consecutive. While serving as commissioner, the Region(s) should have realized a significant growth as evidenced by tangible measurement statistics, e.g., registered members, rosters of certified referees and scorekeepers on all levels, number of sanctioned and fellowship tournaments, involvement with national teams and international exhibition competitions, junior volleyball development, youth volleyball development, leadership development, etc.; The Region(s) should have made an impact on the National USA Volleyball programs through its teams, players, officials, leadership, junior volleyball programs and international involvement, etc.; As commissioner, the nominee will have been active in the national USA Volleyball structure; Former recipients are not eligible for consideration; A recipient may be either a past or incumbent commissioner or chair of the Regional Assembly, or a past RVAA vice president.

1976: William W. Baird (GE)
1977: Leonard C. Gibson (NC)
1979: Joseph B. Sharpless (CH)
1980: Richard I. Caplan, Jr. (GL)
1981: Robert L. Lindsay (TO)
1982: Harold W. Buckner (IM)
1983: Bruce B. Wilde (HA)
1985: Winthrop Davenport (SC), Wayne A. Gardner (AF)
1986: Carl E. Scheer (HA), Roland I. Stone (OV)
1987: Rebecca B. Howard (RM)
1988: Lea S. Wagner (GL)
1989: Richard E. Smith (CH)
1990: William G. Fulford (SO)
1991: Albert M. Monaco, Jr. (NC), Wilbert Vick (LS)
1992: Fred Wendelboe (CR)
1993: Fred Buehler (LS), Charles Stemm (MI)
1994: Nancy Strader (NT)
1995: Hank Van Arsdale (HA)
1996: Sandy Kay Hansen (IA)
1998: Marjorie L. Mara (NO)
2000: Ann Davenport (SC)
2001: Carl Roberts (DE)
2003: Dave Spencer (GP)
2005: Jim Webber (IE)
2006: Jon Lee (EV)
2007: Susan A. Mailhot (GP)
2008: Elroy Osorio (MK)
2009: Donise King (LS)
2010: Harold Cranswick (AZ)
2013: Kenneth R. Cain Jr. (SO)
2014: Lynne Updegraff (IA)
2015: Glenn Sapp (RM)
2016: Judy Praska (NO)
2017: No official award
2018: Kent Ma (Aloha)
2019: Donna Donaghy
2022: John Hughes (WEVA)