Named in honor of Glen G. Davies, who at the time of this conferral by the Board of Directors, was the only FIVB arbiter to have been selected to officiate as a referee in four consecutive Olympic Games (1968-1980), and twice as the first referee in a gold medal match. He is a former national chairman of referees and a referee-emeritus.


    This award recognizes active USA National referees for outstanding contributions to the USA Volleyball referee’s development and certification program.


    Donna Matthias-Gorman


    Shall be currently and have been certified as a USA national referee for a minimum of five (5) years; Shall have been a major contributor to the referee program in his/her Regional Volleyball Association, PAVO and/or NFHS State Association officials’ program for a period of not fewer than three (3) consecutive years; Shall have been an active worker in the refereeing program at the national level; Shall have actively worked as a referee at a minimum of five United States Championships over a period of at least five (5) years; Shall have the endorsement of leadership at both the Regional and National levels; Former recipients are not eligible for consideration.

1988: Winthrop “Wink” Davenport, Don Kreuger, Al Rogers, Thomas E. Slaymaker, Lea S. Wagner, Bruce B. Wilde
1989: Darryl Bender, Doug Denure
1990: Heinz Schaal, Joseph B. Sharpless
1991: Jim Stewart
1992: Gary Colberg
1993: Richard E. Smith, Alex Valow
1994: Bobby Clarke, Donna Matthias
1995: Cheryl Berg, Jack Newns
1997: Wallace E. Hendricks, Sue Lemaire
1998: Thomas C. Blue, Gary M. Kufahl
1999: Bill Forrester, Steve Robb
2000: Mike Carter, Bill Madara
2001: Bill Stevens
2002: Doug Wilson
2004: Marcia Alterman, Neill H. Luebke, Jim Welsh
2005: Noel Orr*, Wilbert Vick, Kenneth R. Cain, Jr., Marjorie L. Mara
2006: Ron Buchanan, Cornelio Galdones
2007: Verneda Thomas, Scott Atkinson
2008: Chuck Ellis
2009: Joan Powell
2010: Kathy Ferraraccio, Ben Jordan*
2011: Donnie Goodwin
2012: Steve Thorpe
2013: John T. Patterson
2014: Thomas Hoy
2015: Fred Buehler, Gloria Cox
2016: Steve Owen
2017: Ken Taylor
2018: Leisa M. Jordan
2019: Mary Blalock
2022: Paul Albright, Brian Hemelgarn