This award recognizes the individual deemed as the most outstanding USA National scorer at the previous year’s USA Open Championship Event.


     Becky Brockney


     Officiated as a scorer in a minimum of 10 matches at the USA Open Championship Event as a USA National scorer; Demonstrated consistent quality and ability as a scorer throughout each match assigned; Demonstrated high quality of teamwork in his/her capacity as a scorer under varying conditions of the highest level of competition; Demonstrated personal characteristics consistent with the high ideals and purposes of the USA National Scorers Subcommission; Former recipients of this award are not eligible for consideration.

2003: Thang Nguyen
2004: Amber Fulk
2005: Juli Nuttal
2006: Michael McNeil
2007: Christina Stanley
2008: Scott Master
2009: Jeff Hoppen
2010: Rose Atkinson
2011: Dixie Collins
2012: Kim Williams
2013: Jenita Vogt
2014: Eloise Heimke
2015: James Feickert
2016: Dave Roever
2017: Lori Lawley
2018: Donna Wigton
2019: Karen Daukantus-Jones