This award recognizes the individual deemed as the most outstanding USA national referee at the previous year’s USA Open Championship Event.


     Scott Atkinson


     Officiated at the USA Volleyball Open Championships as a first and/or second referee in a minimum of five (5) matches at each position; Demonstrated consistent quality and ability as a referee throughout each match he/she has been assigned; Demonstrated leadership quality in his/her capacity as a first and second referee; Demonstrated personal characteristics that are consistent with the high ideals and purposes of the Referees Code of Ethics as approved by the USA Volleyball Officials Development Department; Former recipients are not eligible for this award.

1954: Dan McCue, Dr. Marshall Walters
1962: George Creswell
1963: Noel Crenshaw
1964: Glen G. Davies
1965: Wilbur Peck
1966: Harold Peterson
1967: Catalino Ignacio
1968: Bobb Miller
1969: Dr. Murray Koorhan
1970: William Baird
1974: Thomas Slaymaker
1976: George B. Chain
1979: Jerry Sherman
1981: Winthrop Davenport, Alex Valow, Lea Saari Wagner
1983: Jim Stewart
1984: Scott Luster
1985: Sue Lemaire
1986: Darryl Bender
1987: Mike Schlesinger
1988: Tom Blue
1991: William Madara
1993: Steve Robb
1994: Michael Blalock
1995: Rob Peglar
1996: Greg Baquet, Steve Owen
1997: Doug Wilson
1998: Pati Rolf
1999: Ed “Spook” Halik
2000: Wil Creech
2001: Rick Welch
2002: Scott Atkinson
2003: Steven K. Thorpe
2004: Joel Reinford
2005: Eric Hoffman
2006: Kathy Ferraraccio
2007: Paul Albright
2008: Steve Kenyon
2009: Mary Blalock
2010: Robert Stanek
2011: Rod Rodriguez
2012: Julie Voeck
2013: Clark Radcliffe
2014: Bill Stanley
2015: Michelle Prater
2016: William Thornburgh
2017: Brian Hemelgarn
2018: Jung Park
2019: Keith Murlless