Named in honor of Dr. James E. Coleman, who was involved with the USA national teams program for five (5) decades as a coach, mentor, statistical adviser and leader, and was a recognized leader in volleyball by the FIVB.

COMMISSION/CRITERIA: To recognize individuals for unusual length of service/involvement with USA national team programs and demonstrated unusual performance of excellence and uncompromising commitment to the USA national team programs.


1999 Harlan Cohen
2006 Val Keller (posthumously)
2008 Wink Davenport
2009 Jane Ward
2010 Alice Englert, Rudy Suwara
2011 Chuck Erbe
2012 Ruth “Ma” Becker, Adelaide Packwood
2013 Linda Murphy, Dr. E. Lee Rice
2014 Carl McGown
2016 Carla Hall
2018 Tony Lovitt
2019: Laszlo Kiraly
2020: Gary Moy
2022: Marilyn McReavy Nolen, Mary Jo Peppler