Named in honor of Joseph B. “Joe” Sharpless, vice president emeritus, past corporate secretary, 23-year vice president and 35-year member of the Board of Directors and a former event arbitrator. He was instrumental in the development and implementation of the event arbitrator program.


     This award recognizes individuals who have made significant and outstanding contributions to the corporation’s event arbitration program.


     Jon Lee/Angelo Iasillo


     Candidates for this award shall have served as an event arbitrator for a minimum of five (5) years, AND: A minimum of five (5) USA Volleyball Championship Events, OR A minimum of ten (10) USA Volleyball National Qualifier events, OR An equivalent combination of both of the above, as recommended by the Chair of the Ethics & Eligibility Committee and approved by the CEO; Additionally, the candidate shall have demonstrated: Ability to administer the arbitration process with fairness and integrity; Ability to conduct arbitration cases without bias in an efficient and effective manner, and in a confidential manner; Consistent preparation for all assignments; Comprehensive knowledge of corporate policies, procedures, rules and regulations governing USA Volleyball National Championship, Invitational and Qualifier events; Implementation of follow-up and reporting procedures in a clear, efficient and timely manner, as required by the assigning officer; Leadership with the arbitrator program by means of recommendations for program improvement and enhancement

Award Recipients:

     One individual may receive this award in any given year; It is not required there be a recipient every year; An individual shall receive this award only once.

2006: Joseph B. Sharpless
2007: Lea S. Wagner
2008: Jonathan “Jon” Lee
2009: Chuck McCracken
2010: Angelo Iasillo
2011: Christena Clauss
2012: Karen Gee
2013: Bill Jones
2014: Joan Powell
2015: David M. Lockwood
2016: Julie Voeck
2017: Gary Hougton
2018: Niels P. Pedersen
2019: Allen Chinn
2022 Linda Lawrence