Named in honor of Merton H. Kennedy and Elmer L. Johnson, who both served as chair of the Archives Committee for a significant number of years and contributed greatly to the retrieval and perpetuation of documents and photographs significant to the history of the USA Volleyball, extending the pioneering efforts of former president Harold T. Friermood.


     This award recognizes individuals and organizations for their significant contributions to the planning, collection, storage, retrieval and management of volleyball archival materials and documents.


     Brent Buzbee

1997 Dr. Harold T. Friermood
1998 Merton H. Kennedy
1999 Dr. Elmer J. Johnson
2000 Arthur “Bud” Fields
2001 Glen G. Davies
2002 Dr. James E. Coleman
2003 Volleyball Hall of Fame
2004 David Hirose
2005 Russell J. Sherman
2006 Gary J. Colberg
2010 Joseph Sharpless
2014 Cindy Slater, Dagmar Getz