The Lifeblood of Junior Volleyball

Clubs are the most important organizations in junior volleyball. USA Volleyball clubs give our athletes the opportunity to learn, compete and grow. Our club directors support USA Volleyball athletes and families to help them play at the highest possible level and to have a great experience along the way. Explore resources here to expand support for your athletes, coaches, and families and to help your club succeed.


SafeSport for Clubs

Safety is USA Volleyball’s top priority, and clubs are on the front line of protecting junior players. SafeSport has gathered resources to help clubs create policies that protect their members.

Managing a Club

Running a volleyball club is not easy. From acquiring gym space to marketing the club, you’re expected to be proficient in a variety of roles. Here are some resources that’ll help you learn techniques to help your club run smoothly.

Jersey Approval

There are rules regarding the look of jerseys. Before you commit to having jerseys made, make sure USAV’s rules interpreter verifies that they meet standards.

2023-24 Uniform Requirement Presentation

National Competitions

Find information about USA Volleyball Junior National Qualifiers and National Championships to plan ahead for upcoming competitions across the country.

SportsEngine Playbook

Just like any great leader or coach, having a playbook to make you successful is a must. This SportsEngine playbook will help you master SportsEngine and navigate your SportsEngine HQ. You’ll find video tutorials and step-by-step instructions on all things SportsEngine.