The Officials Assembly

The Officials Assembly, comprised of officials from all roles and levels, helps the recruitment, education, certification, deployment and retention of officials throughout volleyball. See who represents you on the OA and in other roles.

Officials Assembly Elections

This year, one position on the Officials Assembly was up for election.

  1. USA Volleyball Officials Board of Directors Representative – Travis Karlin

As each election approaches, more information will be posted below.


2023 Voting Delegates

Officials Assembly Board of Directors Representative

Congratulations to Travis Karlin, our new BOD representative.







Bio (PDF)

Officials Assembly Administrative Council

NamePositionCareer Highlights
Carlos Rodriguez.
Carlos Rodriguez
Officials Assembly Chair
  • Over 27 years of officiating experience
  • Lone Star Region Beach Referee Chair since 2017
  • Texas Board of Volleyball Officials Chair since 2002
  • Coordinator of Volleyball Officials for several collegiate conferences
  • Two-time Head Referee at USAV’s High Performance Championships
  • Scorer at 1996 Paralympic Games, 2019 VNL Finals
Ken TaylorKen TaylorInternational Officials Commission
  • More than 33 years of officiating experience
  • FIVB International Referee from 1997-2012
  • Officiated at seven NCAA Men’s NCAA Championship Finals
  • SCVA Referee Chair 1987-2000, 2015-present
  • Coordinators of Officials for NCAA Men’s Volleyball for multiple conferences
  • USAV Glen Davies Referee Service Award winner in 2017
Lena GustafsonNational Indoor Officials Commission
  • Officiating since 2008
  • Earned National Referee Certification in 2016
  • Bronze Whistle recipient from Junior National Referee Candidate Class in 2013
  • NCAA Division I Referee since 2012
  • FIVB Line Judge since 2009
  • Earned Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2014
Thang NguyenThang NguyenNational Beach Officials Commission Rep
  • Over 20 years of officiating experience
  • Member of USAV Advisory commission as Beach Officials Chair, 2018-present
  • Member of Lone Star Region Board of Directors, 2005-present
  • Head Referee and Event Assigner for Lone Star Region, 2000-present
  • Parapan American Zonal, Games Referee (2013, 2015, 2017)
  • USAV Robert L. Lindsay Meritorious Service Award Winner, 2008

Donnie Goodwin
At-Large RVA Indoor Referees Rep
  • More than 32 years of officiating experience
  • Earned National Certification with PAVO and USA Volleyball in 1995
  • Pioneer Region Officials Chair since 2000
  • Served as head Official at BJNC, GJNC, USAV Opens and HP Championship since 2000
  • PAVO Swesky Chair from 2000-20
  • Referee Chair of the Year 2007-08
  • USAV and PAVO training and evaluation team member
Jane Dong.
Jane Dong
At-Large RVA Indoor Scorers Rep
  • Over 23 years of scoring experience
  • USAV National Scorer since 2000
  • USAV International Scorer since 2012
  • 22 years experience scoring NCAA Men’s volleyball
  • Seven years experience as a National Scorer Rater
  • Trainer and/or evaluator at USAV Opens, HPCs and GJNCs
Ryan MacDowell.
Ryan Macdowell
At-Large RVA Beach Officials Representative
  • Over 21 years of officiating experience
  • USAV National Indoor Referee since 2004
  • USAV National Beach Referee since 2001
  • Officials Assembly Admin Council rep since 2008
  • Rocky Mountain Region Beach Officials Training/Evaluation
  • CO/WY Board of PAVO Officials – Coordinator of Beach Officials Training
Steve Franco.
Steve Franco
At-Large National Indoor Referees Rep
  • Over 23 years of officiating experience
  • Sun Country Region Official, Scorers Chair since 2016
  • Officiated at USAV GJNC for 15 years, BJNC three
  • Sun Country Officiating and Scorer Clinician since 2000
  • Sat on Sun Country Region Board of Directors 2013-16
  • NCAA ref since 1996
Bonnie Apol.
Bonnie Apol
At-Large National Indoor Scorers Rep
  • Over 22 years of scoring experience
  • 20 years of scoring in FIVB Beach tournaments
  • Scoring in NCAA Division I since 2001
  • RMR Showdown Tournament Director AND Scorer Clinician
  • Scored at 2019 FIVB Beach World Championships
  • Has coached in elementary school, high school and club volleyball
Tony Chan.
Tony Chan
At-Large National Beach Officials Rep.
  • USAV National Referee since 1997…National Beach Referee since 1999
  • FIVB International Beach Referee since 2012
  • Member of USA Volleyball Beach Training, Evaluation and Certification Team
  • Southern California Volleyball Association Beach Officials Liaison
  • NCAA beach official since 2016
  • Officiated at five NCAA Men’s NCAA Championship Finals
Tim Harlow.
Tim Harlow
At-Large ParaVolley Officials Rep
  • Over 30 years of officiating experience
  • International World ParaVolley-certified since 2010
  • USAV National Official since 1995
  • 21 years experience scoring NCAA volleyball
  • 23 years experience as a USAV assignor
  • Experience on USAV Rating and Training teams

Travis Karlin
Board of Directors Rep
  • 33 years of officiating experience
  • Officials chair of North Country since 2019 (previously 2007-2011)
  • On the North Country Board of Directors
  • Holds a USAV National Referee and National Scorer Certification
  • Holds PAVO National Certification
  • International Scorer since 2012
Angelle Simms.Angelle SimmsOA Rep to the USAV Admin Council
  • Over 14 years of volleyball leadership roles
  • Officiated since 1996
  • Over 14 years of volleyball leadership roles
  • USAV Junior National Referee certification in 2007…National certification in 2019
  • Bayou Region Referee Chair since 2007
  • Served as President and currently as Past President on Gulf Coast Board of Officials

National Indoor Officials Commission

Margaret (Lena)
Pati RolfUSAV Staff

National Beach Officials Commission

Pati RolfUSAV Staff

International Officials Commission

Pati RolfUSAV Staff

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USAV Officials Leadership

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Carlos Rodriguez

Chair, Officials Assembly

Pati Rolf.

Pati Rolf

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